Gather Around The Mike – That’s what we all do I guess. Either to talk, play, sing or listen.

The Old World – A story about the old days I heard from my grandfather. Back when folks in our region massively fled to the “new world” hoping to find a better life. This song is the story told by many who came back to visit (often with a lot of money).

My Old Hometown – A true story about my world travels.

Love me still – A heartbroken lovesong.

Harvest Time
– An instrumental that speeds up a couple of times as a sort of challenge by the next soloist and to …. the farmers who have to work faster and faster to get their crops in before the weather changes.

Cold Wind Risin’ – One of my daddy’s songs, as a tradition. We sang this one together, when I was a young man playing in his band. I’m very happy he sang it with me on this record.
We both take turns singing lead in the verses.

Good Times – A feel good song I wrote to remind myself and everybody who hears it that good times will come around if you let them, as my mother used to say.

The Ladder – An old local story that I once heard an old man sing on a 78 record. In these days a virgin would put a ladder beneath her window so her lover could visit her at night. A love story with a sad ending.

Old World Boy -A 12 bar blue yodel blues about the New World fascination of an Old World Boy, with a wink to Jimmy Rodgers.

Other Side Of The Creek – A song about life, being born, growing up, life itself and dying. I used to go to the creek next to my hometown to relax a lot when I was a kid.

Diversity – An ode to diversity, all the different people that make this world such a beautiful and interesting place. A small protest against dicrimination, racism and conformist thinking, where everybody seems to have the same political correct opinion.

Stranger – A stranger here on this earth…

Never Let The Money Drag You Down – Another one of my daddy’s songs. A good advice to everyone, especially in these times.

Flyin’ Dutchman’s Curse – Legend of the Flying Dutchman. Captain Wllem van der Decken, the alleged captain of the Flying Dutchman supposedly lived in my hometown Terneuzen back in the 17th century, the address is well known around here.

Brock’s Breakdown – An A-A-B banjo instrumental with what I think is a very nice minor melody in the B-section. This is the first song I wrote when I finally got a lefthanded banjo.

Live Your Life To The Limit
– My ‘life motto’ as advice to everybody.