• Gather Around The Mike – That’s what we all do I guess. Either to talk, play, sing or listen.
  • The Old World – A story about the old days I heard from my grandfather. Back when folks in our region massively fled to the “new world” hoping to find a better life. This song is the story told by many who came back to visit (often with a lot of money).
  • My Old Hometown – A true story about my world travels.
  • Love me still – A heartbroken lovesong.
  • Harvest Time – An instrumental that speeds up a couple of times as a sort of challenge by the next soloist and to …. the farmers who have to work faster and faster to get their crops in before the weather changes.
  • Cold Wind Risin’ – One of my daddy’s songs, as a tradition. We sang this one together, when I was a young man playing in his band. I’m very happy he sang it with me on this record.
    We both take turns singing lead in the verses.
  • Good Times – A feel good song I wrote to remind myself and everybody who hears it that good times will come around if you let them, as my mother used to say.
  • The Ladder – An old local story that I once heard an old man sing on a 78 record. In these days a virgin would put a ladder beneath her window so her lover could visit her at night. A love story with a sad ending.
  • Old World Boy -A 12 bar blue yodel blues about the New World fascination of an Old World Boy, with a wink to Jimmy Rodgers.
    Sadly this song is only included on the CD, not the Vinyl album.
  • Other Side Of The Creek – A song about life, being born, growing up, life itself and dying. I used to go to the creek next to my hometown to relax a lot when I was a kid.
  • Diversity – An ode to diversity, all the different people that make this world such a beautiful and interesting place. A small protest against dicrimination, racism and conformist thinking, where everybody seems to have the same political correct opinion.
  • Stranger – A stranger here on this earth…
  • Never Let The Money Drag You Down – Another one of my daddy’s songs. A good advice to everyone, especially in these times.
  • Flyin’ Dutchman’s Curse – Legend of the Flying Dutchman. Captain Willem van der Decken, the alleged captain of the Flying Dutchman supposedly lived in my hometown Terneuzen back in the 17th century, the address is well known around here.
  • Brock’s Breakdown – An A-A-B banjo instrumental with what I think is a very nice minor melody in the B-section. This is the first song I wrote when I finally got my hands on a lefthanded banjo.
  • Live Your Life To The Limit – My ‘life motto’ as advice to everybody.
  • ***


    Gather ‘round The Mike

    (Herman Brock Jr.)

    Come gather ‘round the mike boys, we got songs to sing
    About the lives we’re living, and the way we handle things

    Come gather ‘round the mike boys, we got tales to tell
    About the way we grew up, and the girls we loved so well

    Come gather ‘round the mike boys, we got thoughts to share
    On how this world is turning, and the way we ought to care

    Come gather ‘round the mike boys, we got hope to give
    To all the folks who’ve loved and lost, and the life we all do live


    The Old World

    (Herman Brock Jr.)

    I was born in the Old World, in the lowest land of all
    16 ft below the sea, guarded by a wall
    Where centuries’ old buildings stand and Kings and Queens rule the land for all
    Old time customs lend a hand, teach the new ones how to stand and fall

    I heard talk of the new world, they say the streets are paved with gold
    Fortune lies a-waiting for anyone who goes I’m told
    Living life without a care, even be a millionaire or so
    I know that I will make it there, if only I could pay the fare, I’d go

    I was born in the Old World, not too many years ago
    Livin’ life wasn’t easy, but it was all I used to know
    It wasn’t all just milk and cream, chasing down that New World Dream oh no
    But working hard to the extreme, finally gave me self-esteem to show


    My Old Hometown

    (Herman Brock Jr.)

    I’ve been around this big wide world, I think I’ve seen the promised land
    I got arrested in old Cairo, crawlin’ through the desert sand.
    Rode the slopes in the south of France, Rocked inside the Golden Dome
    I kissed the Blarney stone in Old Ireland, and tonight I’m going home

    I’ll be back, back in my old hometown, yes I’m on my way
    I’ll be back, back in my old hometown, I’ll be there today

    I smoked a chillum with a Baba man, smiling moon looking down
    I’ve seen the coffeeshops in Amsterdam, there was Amnesia all around
    I climbed the pyramids, marched the Kremlin square, I’ve been diving the red sea
    Heard the Garibaldi Mariachis share the same idea that came to me

    .. maybe this time I’m gonna stay


    Love Me Still

    (Herman Brock Jr.)

    I wake up in the morning and I think about you
    I go to bed late at night with the same old thought running through my head
    I can’t see how to live my live without you
    ‘Cause I miss you so bad

    I love you, I love you, Baby I love you
    And I guess I allways will
    I love you, I love you, Baby I love you
    And I wish you’d love me still

    Everything I do seems to have lost intention
    Time’s been standing still and days and nights are just passing by
    I’ve been living caught in my own dimension
    ‘Cause I can’t say goodbye


    I wake up in the morning and I think about you…


    Harvest Time

    (Herman Brock Jr.)

    Instrumental Bluegrass in A (1 1 2 1)

    A – A – A – A – G – D – A – A
    A – A – A – A – G – D – A – A
    A – A – G – G – A – A – A – A
    A – A – A – A – G – D – A – A


    Cold Wind Risin’

    (Herman Brock Sr.)

    Walkin’ through this lonesome canyon, ain’t no living thing around
    It’s a heavy heart I’m carrying, it’s your love that wears me down

    There’s a cold wind risin’, sun is fadin’ in the sky
    I don’t want no new horizon, just want to lay me down and die

    Talked to me like a stranger, talked to me just like a man
    All your words were full of danger, every wish was my command

    There’s no royal road to learning, had my troubles for my pains
    Wish I could stop all this yearning, but the hunger still remains

    Like a ship upon the ocean, just like water in your hands
    Blew me down without emotion, like a ripple in the sand


    Good Times

    (Herman Brock Jr.)

    Don’t give up, don’t give in, Good Times are bound to win
    Don’t let fear and troubles have to guide your life
    Ain’t nobody’s gonna get you down
    If you keep your feet down on the ground
    Good Times are bound to win

    Life can be a struggle and a blessing too
    There’s darkness and there’s light the choice is up to you
    When things are going down and you start givin’ in
    Good Times are bound to win

    The troubles of this world ain’t for one man to bear
    Worry ‘bout your own you’ll find enough to care
    When aggravation starts to get beneath your skin
    Good Times are bound to win

    The world ain’t changing much more than it has before
    Failure and success are knocking at your door
    And if you’re willing just to let the right one in
    Good Times are bound to win


    The Ladder

    (Herman Brock Jr.)

    Long time ago, in Eastern Burrow, when the oil lamps still lit up the streets
    A maiden so fair, with dark wavin’ hair was looking for suitors to meet
    She fancied big John, the baker’s first son, he’s wink as she came in the store
    When the money changed hands, a touch and a glance, and a smile as she walked out the door

    It was custom those days, as the old folks would say, for a boy and a girl’s secret love
    She’d put a ladder below her bedroom window, and tonight, he could sneak up above
    She did as she planned, and made John understand, that tonight was the night they could meet
    But a fellow named Paul, was a fly on the wall and he prepared for his own dirty deed

    She put a ladder up to her room, hoping that he would come soon
    But while she waited in vain, Big John he got slain and that ladder would soon be her doom
    She put a ladder up to her room

    Night fell on the town, and with no-one around, Big John went up to her place
    With love on his mind, he got stabbed from behind, and he never even saw Paul’s face
    Paul went up inside, and with nowhere to hide, the maiden she saw no debate
    She fell to the ground, and made not a sound, while she suffered her horrible fate



    Old World Boy

    (Herman Brock Jr.)

    I’m an old world boy with the new world on my mind (2x)
    One of these days I’m gonna leave this old world behind

    Don’t get me wrong, I love where I come from (2x)
    But the new world’s got some special goin’ on

    I got my Levi jeans, I drive an old Ford car
    I play American tunes on my Martin guitar

    I’m an old world boy with the new world on my mind
    One of these days I’m gonna leave this old world behind

    I drink Heineken beer my favorite old world drink
    Best beer in the world no matter what you think

    I like them burgers and beer, T-bone steaks
    Hollywood movies and boobs that are fake

    I’m an old world boy…

    I’m an old world boy with the new world State of mind (2x)
    One of these days I’m gonna leave this old world behind


    Other Side Of The Creek

    (Herman Brock Jr.)

    As a young boy I thought I knew
    That mom and dad knew what to do
    But who could ever be prepared
    For this life that we all share

    And when I die please bury me
    On the other side of the creek
    So when I rest, I still can see
    My old hometown lookin’ over me

    And later on deep in my teens
    No one “could see what I had seen”
    Just imagine my surprise
    That no young man can be that wise

    While growin’ up, you live and learn
    With every bright and shady turn
    And hope some time along the way
    You’ll see a good or sunny day

    I’ve traveled up and down this earth
    Did my fair share for what it’s worth
    And when I leave this place behind
    I hope I’ve found some peace of mind chorus:



    (Herman Brock Jr.)

    I like diversity, I like diversity
    People should be different as far as I could see
    I like diversity

    Some folks out here might be believers
    Some folks believe what they can see
    I don’t care what you believe or not
    As long as you let me be me

    Some folks need rules and regulations
    Some folks need only to be free
    Some folks might even need a little bit of both
    I like diversity

    Some folks like cheese and macaroni (Italians? No, Americans)
    Some folks put milk in their hot tea (limeys of course)
    I like to drown my fries in mayonnaise
    I like diversity

    There’s people black and white and red and yellow
    Some left some right, some high or low you see
    We all should get along even if we don’t agree
    I like diversity



    (Herman Brock Jr.)

    From far away I came, where no-one wears my name
    I’m just a stranger here
    I have come to find, what I’ve left behind
    I’m just a stranger here

    I’ve traveled many roads where no-one seemed to be
    Somehow I came to see

    No matter where I go, or what I think I know
    I’m just a stranger here

    Faces I have seen, places I have been
    I’m just a stranger here
    Somewhere along the line, I’ll be doing fine
    I’m just a stranger here

    I’ve wandered this wide world for nearly all my life
    And now I realize

    Wherever I may roam, I’ll never find my home
    I’m just a stranger here


    Never Let The Money Drag You Down

    (Herman Brock Sr.)

    Before my life could go to waste I left my home in a burnin’ haste
    Has too many horses on my mind
    My mother was a-standing and a-weepin’ at the door, my daddy said: “son whatta ya waitin’ for?”

    Go and seek your fortune in the wild days of your life Let the ocean roll untill you drown
    Take it by the tail and swing it all around But never let the money drag you down

    From the first grey of the mornin’ to the darkest of the night
    Swallowin’ the blue with flesh and fell Cutting down the kindling is the nicest thing to do
    When you ain’t got no decent place to dwell

    Sleepin’ of the liquor, kickin’ up the dust, life was just a late night cabaret
    Money’s easily turnin’ water into wine There ain’t no such thing that we call time

    Barren hills and not a sound, must be over eight now, haven’t seen a blade of grass in days
    Streaks of salt upon my shoes, I’d kill a man for the smell of booze
    Never thought it could have been this way

    Got ripped off by a buncoman, ruined my entire plan Had to live on poppy seed and rice
    Well it don’t take much to go on bad when the hunger starts to drive you mad
    But I remembered what my daddy said


    Flyin’ Dutchman’s Curse

    (Herman Brock Jr.)

    It was a dark and stormy, Easter morning, when the captain called his crew.
    Black clouds were formin’ and the thunder’s roarin’, but he had a job to do.

    When the Easter bells started chiming, silence filled the room
    But the captain swore he’d sail if it was, ‘Till the day of doom.

    The Lord then raged: ‘On this holy day, if thou shalt leave this shore
    I will curse thee to sail the seas For now and ever more’.

    The Flyin’ Dutchman set the sails; he feared no God nor law
    Against the wind they left the shores The last of land they saw

    Sail on, sail on
    Sail the oceans of the world
    Until the end time comes

    Somewhere near the cape of hope, a big black bird appeared
    The sails turned flamin’ red as hell, It took the men with fear.

    As mutiny was on the rise, the helmsman begged to turn
    The captain threw him overboard, said Here’s a traitors earn.

    He rose his arms up high and vowed ‘till judgment day I’ll sail
    The Lord then spoke: It will be so; Thou shalt try but ever fail.

    And ever since that day the Dutchman haunts the seven seas
    Cursing Hell and damnation Upon every ship he meets. 2x

    …But one day every seven years the captain sets ashore
    To find a wife to share his life And break the curse once more…


    Brock’s Breakdown

    (Herman Brock Jr.)

    Instrumental Bluegrass in G (112 …2)
    1. G – G – C – G G – Am – D – D
    G – G – C – G G – D – G – G (2X)

    2. Am – Am – G – D Am – Am – C – G
    Am – Am – G – D Am – Am – GG – FF

    G (let ring)


    Live Your Life To The Limit

    (Herman Brock Jr.)

    Live your life out to the limit
    Don’t let no chance go by
    If you want it go and get it
    You can’t win unless you try
    You won’t win unless you try…

    I think the key of life is living
    The way it’s in your heart
    Take the time that you’ve been given
    And make sure to take your part
    And make sure to play your part

    This world is full of shallow pleasures
    The easy way to sooth your lazy mind
    But if you wanna find life’s treasures
    Lead the way don’t stay behind
    Lead your way don’t stay behind

    The only thing in life’s for certain
    Now you live and then you’ll die
    And when it’s time to draw the curtain
    I wanna say it’s been great goodbye
    I wanna say it’s been great goodbye